I won’t pretend: this genius idea is stolen straight from the pages of the (brilliant, gorgeous) new Canal House Cookbook series. (Hmm. The authors are both former Saveur editors; I am a former Saveur editor. Does this mean that someday my fairy godmother with arrive and I will have a Canal House to cook in? Well, a girl can dream.) Essentially, it takes all the boozy briny deliciousess of a gin martini, and dispenses with the cocktail entirely. (Although, the “marinade” would make for an excellent dirty martini later. Waste not….) Anyway, I threw together a jar of these and tossed them in my bag as I was heading out the door for an impromtu Oscar-night dinner tonight. And with a wedge of sharp cheese, a flute of dry bubbly, and a sofa-side view of the red carpet, they were a winner: true first class finger food.

1 cup gin
¼ cup dry vermouth
10-12 oz large green cocktail olives, drained

Combine gin, vermouth, and olives in a large bowl or mason jar and gently stir. Cover and refrigerate for an hour or two, or until the olives have had a chance to marinate. Serve in a bowl with the boozy juices, and with toothpicks for easy spearing.


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